basic knitting tutorial

11:36 AM

I've uploaded some videos to show you the basics of knitting. The video above shows you how to cast on. This is the first step before beginning any knitting project.

The Knit Stitch is the most commonly used, basic stitch in knitting. First cast on the stitches and then Knit Stitch the first row. 

The Purl Stitch is basically the opposite of the Knit Stitch. These stitches are frequently used together in knitting patterns.

The final step when knitting is to bind off. Binding off removes your stitches from the needles.

Be sure to check back tomorrow. I will be posting a DIY project you can make using these knitting steps!

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  1. Go glad you posted this- I've been dying to learn how to knit!

  2. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow! Looks simple and complicated at the same time. :)
    Great tutorial!!

    p.s.: Love your blog.

  4. Definitely going to give this a try!

  5. Thanks for this, I'll have to watch it tomorrow when I'm not so tired. I got really awesome at casting on but I could never sort out what to do next!

  6. These are so helpful! Thanks so much for sharing!


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