diy leather sleeve blazer

11:00 AM

The inspiration for this DIY came from this Theory Blazer. I love the addition of leather sleeves on to a classic shape. A grey blazer that I never wear (too blah) and a thrifted leather jacket (way too big) made the perfect starting points. 

[Before pic of the two jackets]
[Using a seam ripper, remove the sleeve from the blazer. Leave the sleeve lining intact]
[Separate the seam on the blazer sleeve and open it up. Cut off the sleeve on the leather jacket and open it up. Use the blazer sleeve as a pattern piece and cut out a new sleeve in the leather]
[Sew the sleeve together at the side seam]
[On the inside of the blazer, at the bottom separate the lining from the body. This will give you access to the arm hole]
[Sew the leather sleeve on to the arm hole. Slip the original sleeve lining inside of it]
[Sew the new sleeve to the lining at the cuff. Repeat steps with the other sleeve]
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  1. small earth vintageJanuary 21, 2013 at 5:39 PM

    This is amazing!

  2. You did a beautiful job!

  3. Wow- this turned out great!

  4. This looks store bought- you are amazing!!!

  5. Damn girl, you are so talented!


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