diy jay ahr chain short sleeve top

7:06 PM

[left pic: Shopbop]
This Jay Ahr inspired top is a great way to dress up a basic t-shirt. All you need is several different chains (I bought 6 packs from a local craft store) scissors and a needle and thread.

Tip- if you don't have a dress form, use a hanger. It's easier to sew the chains and judge the length if the shirt is upright.

[Cut a piece of chain that's a few inches longer than the sleeve. Sew the chain to the top of the sleeve]
[Sew the chain to the sleeve in the middle]
[Sew the chain to the sleeve at the cuff]
[Sew on another chain about 1/4 inch away from the first]
[Repeat until the whole front of the sleeve is covered]
[Attach a chain at the top of the sleeve and weave it in and out through the vertical chains]
[Attach the chain at the other side. Be careful not to pull the chain tight. The sleeve need to be able to stretch to accommodate your arms]
[Keep stringing the chains across horizontally until you reach the bottom]
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  1. Great job love this!!!

  2. Gah I can't believe how much the original is! Yours looks just as good!!!

  3. Great idea- all your diys always look so well made!


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