diy anthropologie sapa necklace

4:57 PM

Its no secret that I love browsing through Anthropologie for inspiration. The latest item to catch my eye was the Sapa Necklace. It's incredibly easy to make and it would add some rustic charm to a plain top.
  • Large wood beads
  • Bendable craft wire
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Cotton fabric (3- 1 inch sections, 48 inches long)
[Secure the end of the fabric with tape. Braid the fabric together]
[Once you have finished braiding, secure the other end with tape]
[String the fabric through the beads leaving an 3 1/2 tail at the bottom]
[Wrap a 6 inch piece of bendable wire around the top of the beads. Use pliers to make sure the ends are pressed down]
[Wrap another 6 inch piece of wire around the bottom]
[Remove the tape and tie the ends in a knot]
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