diy seashell necklace

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[dress: Thread Social (similar)]
I've loved collecting shells on the beach ever since I was a kid. I usually display them in glass vases but this time I wanted to incorporate them into jewelry. This DIY necklace is really easy to make and it looks so pretty with summer dresses!

  • Seashell
  • Power drill with 1/16 inch ball dremel 
  • Gold nail polish
  • Seed beads and larger gold beads
  • Bead stringing wire (29 inches)
  • Jump ring
[Paint the shell with gold nail polish and let dry]
[Using a drill make a hole at the top of the shell]
[Tie the end of the bead stringing wire to the jump ring. Make sure the knot is tight]
[String the wire through the hole in the shell. The jump ring keeps the knot from pulling through. Add a gold bead. String 15 seed beads on and then add another gold bead]
[Repeat this beading process until you are abut 3 inches away from the end of the wire. Insert the wire through the hole in the top of the shell and knot it tightly on to the jump ring]

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