DIY Anthropologie Pom Pom Wreath

11:36 AM

I saw this wreath at Anthropologie recently and I thought it would be really fun to re-create. I made mine even fuller and added some festive red and green to the mix. I looks great on the front door and it's a pretty alternative to the traditional evergreen wreaths!
Wire wreath (12 inch and 18 inch)
Floral wire
Pom Pom maker 
Yarn (5 skeins- I used both worsted and bulky weight)

[Wire the smaller wreath to the larger to create 1 big wreath]
[Using the large and medium pom pom maker, make approximately 44 pom poms in various colors]
[Starting at the inner circle, begin knotting on the pom poms. The knots should be at the back of the wreath]
[I alternated the larger and smaller pom poms. Knot them close together so there are no gaps]
[This is what the wreath looks like when the first round is completed. There will be 3 rounds total]
[Knot the 2nd round of pom poms on. I used all large ones for this area. For the final round I alternated the large and medium pom poms]
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