How to Make Perfect Pom Poms

4:49 PM

A quick glance at my Knitting Patterns will tell you I'm a big lover of Pom Poms! I've always used the cardboard disc method to make them but it was kind of a pain. The cardboard bends and I sometimes ended up with crooked or flimsy pom poms. I purchased this Clover Pom Pom Maker a few weeks ago and it's been a game changer! The instruction diagram on the package isn't helpful at all, so I wanted to post a tutorial clearly illustrating the steps. Follow this and you'll get perfect poms every time!

[Bend the arms out]
[Starting at the inner edge, wrap your yarn]
[Keep wrapping the yarn until it is thick]
[Close the arm]
[Begin wrapping the yarn around the other arm]
[Close arm in when you are finished wrapping]
[Cut along the middle all around the circle]
[Cut a 10 inch long piece of yarn and tie it tightly in a double knot around the middle]
[Open the arms and pull the pieces apart to reveal your perfect pom pom!]

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  1. I've always tried to do this but i didn't knew this is the way.. i tried with the fork but failed :(

  2. I am buying this immediately! I hate winding my yarn through flimsy cardboard, and this seems much, must easier!

    xx Hannah //


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