DIY Carved Initial Cedar Planter

1:01 PM

Ever since the weather warmed up, Robert and I have been spending Sundays outside building various wood projects for our home and garden. Cedar planters are one of my favorite things to make because they're so easy! I woodburned our initials into the planter to mimic those carved hearts you see on trees.
Supplies needed:
Cedar wood (5 1/4 X 6 Deck Board)
Nail gun or drill

(PS- Not the DIY type? Click here to buy your own finished & customized version!)
[Cut 3 pieces of wood that measure 5 3/8. Cut 2 pieces of wood that measure 7 1/4]
[Nail the 7 1/4 section on the the smaller sections]
[Attach the other 7 1/4 section to the opposite side]
[The final 5 3/8 section will make the bottom of the planter]
[Nail it in place on opposite sides. Sand down any rough edges]
[Draw your design on to the wood using a pencil, then carefully burn it into the wood]

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