DIY Stone Arrow Earrings

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DIY Stone Arrow Earrings
 As soon as I found these arrow beads I knew they would be perfect for earrings! They have a lovely iridescent finish which changes from purple to yellow or blue depending on the light. I though a simple dangle earring would showcase these stones nicely. These DIY earrings as so easy to make and they only take about 15 minutes!
Hematite stone arrow beads
Earring hooks
Bead stringing wire
Seed beads
DIY Stone Arrow Earrings
Cut a piece of bead stringing wire that measures 12 inches long. Thread it through the earring hook and pull through so the ends are even.
DIY Stone Arrow Earrings
String on the arrow beads through both of the ends of wire. 
DIY Stone Arrow Earrings
String on the rest of the beads (I used 22 on each earring)
DIY Stone Arrow Earrings
String a clear seed bead on to the end to prevent the beads from slipping off. Knot several times and cut the ends of the wire.
DIY Stone Arrow Earrings

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  1. This arrow earrings is so nice. Thank you for sharing. It will really suitable with boho style
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  2. striking design. where can I get the arrow beads, have never seen them anywhere.

    1. I bought the beads from Michaels =)

  3. Cute! I like the way that it reminds me of a fishbone from outer space.
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