DIY Macrame T Shirt (no sew!)

DIY Macrame T Shirt (no sew!)
This macrame technique is an easy way to transform a mens undershirt into a cute beach cover up. Best of all, it's no sew!
Mens undershirt (I dyed mine using this technique)
Cut the bottom hem off of the shirt. Cut a straight line up from the bottom (I ended mine about 3 inches below the bust)
Cut another line about an inch away from the first.
DIY Macrame T Shirt (no sew!)
[Left] Continue cutting until you've made strips all around the shirt. [Right] Double knot each strand to the one next to it.
DIY Macrame T Shirt (no sew!)
Take each strand and knot it to its neighbor. This joins the 2 different knot strand together. Repeat all around the shirt.
DIY  knotted fringe t shirt
Continue knotting
DIY Macrame T Shirt (no sew!)
You can knot all the way down to the hem or stop if you'd like to leave some fringe hanging.
DIY Macrame T Shirt (no sew!)

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  1. I made my own but shorter with the sleeves done too


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