Yoga Mat Strap Free Knitting Pattern

Easy Yoga Mat Strap Free Knitting Pattern

  I started taking yoga again recently and I wanted a cute carrier for my mat. I thought about knitting (or sewing) a tube that fits over the mat, but rolling the mat up tightly and stuffing in the bag after every class seemed like a hassle. This Yoga Mat Strap solves the problem! It loops into itself and fits over the ends of the mat. It takes seconds to put on!
     I knitted this yoga mat strap using Bernat Home Dec yarn. This yarn is perfect for Spring knitting patterns because it feels more like fabric than a heavy fiber. The texture is similar to t-shirt yarn. This strap is easy to knit and great for beginners (as long as you know how to decrease and cast on new stitches) Happy knitting!   

Yarn:  Size 8 needles:
Free Knitting Pattern
Cast on 24 sts. Knit for 2 inches.
Knit 9, bind off 6sts, Knit 9 sts. The 2, 9 stitch groups are worked separately. Knit the 9 sts group until it is 4 inches long. Break yarn and knit the other 9 sts group until it is 4 inches long. Once the ends are even in length, knit across all 18 sts. Keep working in Garter stitch until pieces measures 32 inches from the cast on edge. Knit 9 sts, place other 9 on a holder. Knit the 9 stitches for 4 inches. Take the other 9 sts off the holder and knit until it measures 4 inches long. Knit across the 9 sts, cast on 6 sts, then knit across the other 9 sts joining the 2 sections together. Knit for 2 inches. Bind off. 
[To use: Take you hand, put it through the slit on the end and pull the strap through creating a loop. Put the end of the yoga mat through. Repeat on the other end]
Easy Yoga Mat Strap Free Knitting Pattern by Gina Michele
Easy Yoga Mat Strap Free Knitting Pattern

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