Baby Slouch Hat
Pocket Scarf

Triple Knit Hat

Garter Stitch Hat


  Baby Slouch Hat
Slouch Hat
  Baby Slouch Hat
Baby Slouch Hat
  Fringe Scarf
Fringe Scarf

Cat Headband
  Baby Slouch Hat
Baby Slouch Hat
  Baby Slouch Hat
Trapper Hat
  Fringe Scarf
ed Riding Hood

Ghost Hat

  Baby Slouch Hat
Toddler Bear Hat

Fox Ears
Pumpkin Hat

Cat Ears

  Baby Slouch Hat
Jumbo Scarf

3 Square Tank


Baby Hood

  Baby Slouch Hat
Bunny Hat
  Baby Slouch Hat
3 Square
  Fringe Scarf
Headphone Hat

1 Square Bunny

  Baby Slouch Hat
Ombre Legwarmers

Snow Angel Hat
  Fringe Scarf
Layered Cowl

Baby Kimono

  Baby Slouch Hat
Cobbles Hat
  Baby Slouch Hat
Easy Beanie
  Fringe Scarf
Chunky Mittens

Crochet Scarf

  Baby Slouch Hat
Rainbow Beanie

Chunky Hat

Gold Leaf Hat

Goldfish Hat

  Baby Slouch Hat
Stripe Headband
  Baby Slouch Hat
Pumpkin Hat
   Fringe Scarf
Pom Headband

Ear Flap Hat

  Baby Slouch Hat
Foldover Slippers
  Baby G
Baby Gift Set
Easiest Baby Hat

Tassel Cowl

  Baby Slouch Hat
Fox Scarf
  Baby Slouch Hat
Sherbert Beanie
Baby Bear Hat

Toddler Cat Hat

Super Chunk Cowl
Foldover Baby Booties
Trifecta Hat
Chunky Ribbed Hat
Snow Day Slippers
Beginner Mittens
Ribbed Baby Cardigan
Easy Baby Booties

Eugenia Kim Beanie
Basic Baby Beanie
Sutton Stripe Hat
Mens Ear Flap Hat
Chain Infinity Scarf
Chunky Pom Pom Hat
Layered Yarn Cowl
Holly Jolly Hat
Bow Hat
Ear Flap Beanie
Oversized Cat Ear Hat
Ribbed Unisex Cowl

Textured Cardigan

Bow Headband

Ribbed Arm Warmers

Mens Basic Beanie

Leftover Yarn Infinity Scarf

Missoni Inspired Hat

Double Yarn Beanie

Crop Top

Paneled Tank

Head Scarf

Layered Yarn Hat

Scoop Neck Sweater

Braided Headband

Stripe Cowl

Arm Warmers

Crochet Hair Ties

Ear Flap Hat

Braided Scarf

Double Pom Pom Hat

Chain Scarf

Pointed Fringe Scarf

Chunky Cowl

Pom Pom Beanie

Cat Ear Hat

Suede Fringe Scarf
Video Knitting Tutorial
Crochet Lace-y Scarf

Anthropologie Knit Bracelet


  1. some clever ideas and patterns. Thanks for your generosity. Nana Hana

  2. Lovely site. Thank you for your generosity in sharing these things.

  3. First things first-congratulations on this sweet baby!...A blessing for sure.
    You are a beautiful expression inside and out. Thank-you so much for sharing and taking your time to give to others. Your little one is sure to start life with a great example of caring and sharing.
    Now a question. Do you have instructions for your fold over type booties? They are so sweet and look like a worsted weight. I've been looking to make in 6mo size. Thanks again. Kate K.

  4. Thank you for the kind words, Kate! The pattern for the booties is here:

  5. You have some gorgeous patterns for babies

  6. Thank you for your lovely patterns. There are a lot of very useful patterns here, for charity knitting, gifts and family and it is so kind of you to share them.
    I hope all is well with you and your family, Jan (UK) x

  7. Gina,
    I am making your Fox scarf pattern for my granddaughter. It is really cute, but I do have one question regarding your pattern instructions. After knitting the ribbing for 6.5 inches, you have us go back to the garter stitch for 20". Do you add stitches to make the 32 or do we continue knitting just the 26 stitches? Thank you for the clarification on the instructions.

    M. M. L.

  8. You continue knitting the 26 stitches- don't increase. Thanks for reading!

  9. Thank you so much for your knitting patterns...most are simple enough that a novice like me can understand and follow them. Looking forward to more awesome patterns!!!!!

  10. Wonderful patterns ! With my 5th grandbaby arriving in 6 weeks, even i can produce him some hand made bootees! Overjoyed ! Thank you so much xxxx


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♥ Gina


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